Top 3 Stretching Exercises

Why is it important that you perform stretching exercises after each workout session? These exercises provide for muscle relaxation. They help to prevent stiffness which can lead to loss of workout benefits like muscle toning and muscle growth. They lower the risk of injuries as well. They help to improve your exercising capabilities and this is another huge benefit.

At the same time, not all stretching exercises are effective. The traditional ones which require you to stand in a bent position for ages have been proven to be ineffective. It is now time for you to try the best 3 exercises for stretching. They will give you maximum benefit with minimal effort. They are easy to learn and to perform correctly.

Low Lunge

This is one of the top stretching exercises because it increases the flexibility in the hips, the low back, the shoulders and the arms. It is well known as most trainers include it in the routines which they develop. It is fairly easy to do even for those who are just starting to work out actively.

To perform the exercise, you need to step your right foot forward between your hands and align the right knee to the right heel. Then slide your left leg backwards until you feel that your calf is comfortably positioned on the floor. You should be able to feel the stretch. Lift your torso up so that the chest point forward and the tailbone points downwards. Lift your hands to the side and then upwards. Take your head back and look upwards while trying to reach the ceiling with your fingers. You should keep this position for about a minute and then alternate the legs slowly to stretch the other half of your body.

C Curve

This is one of the top stretching exercises because it allows you to stretch the entire back effectively along with the arms and thighs. It is great for all workout enthusiasts irrespective of their level and the types of exercises which they do. It will certainly make you feel good and give you a great flexibility boost.

In order to do this stretching exercise, you need to sit on the floor with your knees bent. Your feet should be about twelve feet from your buttocks. Join your hands behind your hamstrings and ensure that your elbows point outwards. Tighten the pelvic area and pull the navel in towards the spine. Bring your head a bit downwards to look at your belly button and inhale deeply. At this point, your body should form a C curve. Draw the navel in even more tightly and lift your left leg pushing the heel forward and pulling back with the pinkie toe. Push down with your right foot at the same time. Then you need to alternate legs.

Downward Dog

Just like the other top stretching exercises this one has a comprehensive action and is highly effective. It relieves low back pain so it is beneficial for those who sit in the office all day long and for those who are into hiking too. Tension in the body and head are also effectively relieved for perfect rest after a workout. Downward dog works to make the calf, hamstring and shoulder muscles more flexible. This will give you a great workout performance boost no matter whether you do more cardio or strength training exercises.

To do this stretching exercise, you need to come onto your hands and knees. Make sure that they are perfectly well aligned with the shoulders and hips respectively. Lift your knees of your floor as you are inhaling and push your hips upwards. Draw your heels down onto the floor vey slowly. Draw your shoulder blades down as you are pressing firmly on the floor with your hands. Your head should be between your arms. Deep breathing is important for this exercise.

Enjoy these superb stretching exercises for best results.

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