Medical Treatment Abroad – 360 Global Health

Medical Treatment Abroad – 360 Global Health

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Medical Travel is traveling across international borders to obtain healthcare. We are a catalyst to help patients find medical care from some of the best and affordable doctors and hospitals around the globe. Patients use our user-friendly website to research all their options for affordable international health care. They are assisted, during every step of the process, by caring, experienced case managers who love to help our patients cialis comparatif.

The talent behind 360 consists of experienced medical travel personnel dedicated to servicing clients and prospects looking for alternative solutions to their healthcare needs.

Our 10 Governing Values are:

• Integrity – in all that we do and say
• Trust – in each other as a team of employees, clients and service providers
• Service – because that’s when people are at their best
• Excellence – in the entire experience from start to finish… and beyond
• Open to Learning – from anyone who has a good idea
• Profit – we save you money, you help us earn money… True win win
• Communication – first listen, then solve, then listen again
• Adventure – because international travel is exciting
• Gratitude – for all that we have been given and have experienced
• Fun – because we love what we do

360 Global Health stands ready to become the benchmark and industry standard by which all other Medical Travel companies are measured.

And have a great time in the process…

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