Plastic Surgery Abroad Prices: Patient From The UK Saves Over £2000 on Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Abroad Prices: Patient From The UK Saves Over £2000 on Plastic Surgery

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Plastic surgery, along with orthopaedic and general surgeries, is one of the medical areas where patients are more likely to go abroad for, to get the surgery performed.

Men and women from the UK and Scandinavian countries are more likely to go abroad for plastic surgery now than ever before. Recent study reveals that the number one reason for that is the ability to save a decent amount for the surgery – and even with the travel expenses added, the total cost of having plastic surgery abroad can be up to 50% lower than performing the surgery in the UK or a Scandinavian country.

Monica T. from Manchester, UK, was considering having a plastic surgery for many years – tummy tuck with liposuction would be the ideal option, she was advised by a specialist in the UK. After doing some research online and having found that the prices of plastic surgery abroad are much more attractive, Monica decided to choose a hospital abroad.

After having spoken with a few representatives from different hospitals, Monica T. Has chosen a JCI accredited hospital in Vilnius – Kardiolita Hospital. Although she had a very positive impression with the communication and professionalism, the patient wanted to meet the surgeon and see the hospital prior to actually committing to perform the surgery at this hospital.

„I simply bought flights to Vilnius for a weekend, and arranged a meeting with a medical manager and the operating surgeon – I was shown the facilities and discussed everything with the surgeon. From that point I did not have a slightest doubt I trust the hospital and the surgeon, and the only thing left was to actually set the dates. I came again for the surgery in 6 weeks, and not only saved on the surgery itself, but saved a big amount due to the liposuction not been advised by the operating surgeon – turned out the tummy tuck surgery was absolutely enough. This let me save over 2000 GBP in expense – quite a big amount knowing I also had travel expenses. 7 months have passed after the surgery now and I am absolutely happy with the results.“

„It is not uncommon for patients to come for a day or two to see the hospital and meet the surgeon – in fact, we see more patients doing this. Although taking extra time and costing money, this option adds confidence for patients, and from our experience, the patient who comes for a day to make sure they want to be operated here, would always come back for the surgery.“ – says Andrius Jonutis, General Deputy Manager at Kardiolita Hospital – the leading private general hospital in Vilnius, Lithuania.

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Kardiolita Hospital is the leading private general hospital in Lithuania, accredited by the JCI and working by the highest industry standards. Established in 1998 Kardiolita Hospital provides full range of medical services – from comprehensive diagnostics to various surgical treatments within many medical areas. Kardiolita Hospital employs 200+ highly qualified Lithuanian doctors with extensive international experience and treatment performance of more than 45+ medical areas. The hospital has long-term experience in treating international patients.

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